Why I’m going to Lean Startup Machine Seattle

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In Seattle 6/29 – 7/1

Lean Startup Machine is like a Startup Weekend, except exclusively focused on business model validations as opposed to product building.  It’s coming to Seattle next weekend and I’ve decided to go.

Here’s why I’m going (and why you might think about doing the same):

My name is Justin, and I’m Addicted to Writing Code

I love building things. It’s why I became a developer. It’s a rush, it’s a high, it’s nerd cocaine, and I’m addicted.

Combine that with years of mantras like, “Those that ship, win!” and “code, code, code” and as developers, we’re taught to code first, and worry about who will buy this thing, never.  “Developers code, let the business guys figure out how to sell it.”

Of course, now that I do my own startups, I think I’m that business guy, but subconsciously my inner addict is likely running more of the show than I’d care to admit. To be truly lean though, and to increase the likelihood of my startup’s success, means I need to focus not on coding, but on learning:

Deadly Startup Sin #4: Emphasizing execution instead of testing, learning and iteration – Steve Blank, 9 Deadliest Startup Sins

The fastest way to lessen the impact of my addiction, is to immerse myself in learning Lean processes.  Lean Startup Machine feels like rehab for those of us who are addicted to coding.

The First Time, is the Worst Time

Whether it’s the first pancake off the griddle, the first version of a product, or the first time following a process, my first time is always my worst time.

With that in mind, why should I subject Bounce, a business I’d really like to succeed, to my first time practicing Lean Startup processes end-to-end?  At Lean Startup Machine, I can practice Lean techniques on other people’s business models, and take what I learn and apply all the good stuff to my own.

I got a Discount

I’m cheap. Truth is, I feel genetically predisposed to not spending money, and while it’s handy to be a frugal founder, I worry sometimes that I miss out on opportunities like Lean Startup Machine because they cost $.

Luckily, I didn’t have to pay the full $299 price…and if you’d like to go, you won’t have to either.  You’ve got two choices re discounts:

  1. 30% off courtesy of John Sechrest – http://bit.ly/LH62we
  2. Lean Startup Machine + Startup Weekend Bundlehttp://bit.ly/LH6b2s

While financially, they’re essentially the same deal, that second one is particularly interesting if you’re wondering about how Lean Startup Machine compares to Startup Weekend – the Lean Startup Machine team will pay for your next Seattle Startup Weekend.

That means you can validate your business model at Lean Startup Machine, and then build it at a Startup Weekend.


I’ll be at the Lean Startup Machine next weekend, breaking my coding addiction by learning Lean processes on someone else’s business model.  You should come too.

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  1. Thank you Justin. We are excited to come to Seattle. We sincerely believe that Lean Startup Machine and Startup Weekend go together like Kussi Oysters and a Washington State White! Learn WHAT to build at LSM, then GO BUILD IT at SW.

  2. Thanks for the awesome post Justin. I just bought the ticket and happy to know that you are going too.
    See you there.

  3. Hey Justin,
    Thanks for the post, I just bought the ticket and happy to know that you’ll be there too.

    See ya on Friday,

  4. How did it go? Worth going to? I’ve been trying to get through Steve Blank’s latests text on cust dev but am having a hard time taking first steps.

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