FOCUS Con Videos


Thanks for participating in FOCUS Con! Here are the slides and videos for the day.


Session 1

How Interviews Generate Sales

See how easy it is to launch a product…and how hard it is to sell it including overviews of:

  • Unbounce – create fast, beautiful, coding-free landing pages
  • Tilt – a plugin for pre-selling B2C product in < 5 minutes

Who to Interview

As important as how you interview, is who you interview. If you interview the wrong people, you’ll waste a bunch of time.

Session 2

How to Ask for Interviews

Once you know who to interview, you need to learn how to ask them for an interview. Includes a 5-sentence cold-contact template to increase the chances that your Early Adopters will agree to a conversation with you.

What to Ask During your Interviews

Once your interview is scheduled, how do you make sure you’re asking the right questions?

Includes an interview template you can use to make sure you never bias your interviewees and extract the best information.

Session 3

Closing Session

  • How to get the FOCUS Framework
  • Answering questions
  • Reviewing takeaways
  • Intro to mentoring

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Thank you Again

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